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About M/s. Aeration Industries International Inc., USA.

Established in the year 1974 and located in Chaska,USA. They bring with them more than thirty Five years of worldwide experience in Aspirator aeration technology. They are manufacturing and supplying the Modern Aspirator Aerator system by using the aeration technology. They have developed sub-surface type Aerator / Mixers and Mixers only in the world as a trademark of “AIRE-02” which provides complete water and waste water treatment solutions.

The Company has installations in more than 92 countries around the world by providing satisfactory installation of approximately 65,000 units and all the units are functioning trouble free in many applications such as Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP), Sewage Treatment Plant, Pharmaceutical industry, Gelatin Industry, Pulp & Paper industry, Textile industry, breeding Aquaculture in lakes/ponds, rivers, harbors, etc

Dual Functionality Triton Process Aerator/Mixer & Mixers Only

 Features :

  •    EPA-defined "Fine Bubble" Aeration, less than 2.2mm in size.
  •    Superior mixing capabilities,
  •    Reduced energy consumption can result in up to 50% electrical savings.
  •    Low speed operation extends aerator life, dramatically improves mixing, and ensures quiet operation.
  •    No aerosols, splashing, or released pathogens into the air, eliminates odors.
  •    Float, bridge, or wall mounting.
  •    Minimum maintenance, simple mechanical design with few wears parts.
  •    Community friendly, quiet operation.
  •    Up to five year warranty, depending on application.

Aspirator Aerator

 Features :
  • Superior horizontal mixing
  • High oxygen transfer
  • Fine bubble aeration of 2.2 mm and less
  • Easy installation
  • Dependable, extended service life
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Superior winter performance
  • No aerosols
  • Simplifies retrofits and upgrades
  • Three (3) Year Warranty

 Series 275 Aerator

Features :
  •       Re-engineered with the highest quality materials
  •       Increased mixing and oxygen dispersion
  •       Fine bubble aeration of 2.2 mm and less
  •       Easy installation
  •       Same engineering integrity as Aspirator aerator at a reduced price
  •       Minimal maintenance
  •       No aerosols or odors, "community friendly"
  •       Ideal for retrofits and upgrades
  •       Three (3) Year Warranty

Polaris Aerator

 Features :
  •     Low maintenance due to only one moving part.
  •     Increased mixing and oxygen dispersion.
  •     Fine bubble aeration of 2.2 mm and less.
  •     Durable engineered composite material, UV resistant.
  •     Same engineering integrity as AIRE-02 aerator at a reduced price.
  •     Adjustable angle of entry allows for shallow to deep applications.
  •     Ideal for retrofits and upgrades
  •     Ease of installation, lightweight and portable
  •     One (1) Year Warranty.

Series II Aerator for Aquatic Applications
The Series II Aspirator Aerator is a high quality, minimal maintenance aspirator aerator with proven, superior performance….all at an economic price.  For over 35 years, aquaculturists worldwide have experienced the many benefits of the Series II for their aquatic applications. 
These numerous advantages of the Series II aerator include:
  •  Low Maintenance Due to Only One Moving Part
  •  Increased Mixing and Oxygen Dispersion
  •  Optimum Oxygen Transfer
  •  Fine Bubble Aeration of 2.2 mm and less
  •  Destratification of Water = Uniform Temperature and Oxygen
  •  Flexibility of Use 
  •  Lightweight and Portable
  •  Water Lubricated Bearing – No Artificial Lubrication Necessary
  •  No Gearbox Design
  •  Ease of Installation
So increase your stocking densities and contact us to learn more about how our Series II aerator can increase your farm yields and profit!!!

Superior Surface Aeration Technology.

Surface aerators were developed for the special needs of the pulp and paper industry, food processors, the petrochemical industry and municipalities. Compared to conventional designs, the Turbo Aerator can reduce operating costs by up to 30%.
Stationary deflector head and stepped diffuser plate create a low-trajectory pattern that prevents the aerosols that can occur with conventional, high-arching patterns

The high efficiency Turbo surface aerator is a low trajectory surface aerator designed to meet the special needs of various type of applications. The trajectory of the water is horizontal and out rather than vertical and out. An electric motor drives the patented Archimedean type "scooped impeller, which is far superior to old fashion propeller type surface aerators.

Because the trajectory of the water is long and low, there is considerably less aerosoling and far more water is exposed to the air, increasing oxygen transfer.


Versatile. Economical. Efficient

Our surface-mounted Mixers use very low power to produce efficient mixing in aeration tanks, oxidation ovals, digesters, lagoons, anoxic basins and chemical mix tanks.

  • Large, anti-fouling propeller
  • No floc shears
  • Designed to withstand corrosive environments
  • Easy installation
  • Dependable, extended service life
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Surface mounted for easy access
  • Simplifies retrofits and upgrades

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About M/s. Industrial Test Systems, Inc., USA

Industrial Test Systems, Inc., (ITS) established in 1989, and leading manufacturer of instruments and chemistries designed to test water quality parameters in so many industries such as municipal water treatment, food beverage, trucking & automotive, pond & aquarium, pool & spa, educational, and medical diagnostics. ITS has developed over 100 tests and proprietary chemistries such as Lead, Arsenic, Chlorine, Hardness, pH etc.. They have developed the first and only USEPA approved test strips and cutting edge products are unique in the marketplace saving users time and money.